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Transformational leadership

What is Transformational Leadership?

Transformational leadership is a leadership style that aims to respond quickly to change in an uncertain and complex environment. In transformational leadership, the manager conveys a sense of purpose, provides a goal-oriented framework, empowers employees individually and enables a feedback culture of shared learning and growth.

When does transformational leadership work?

The transformational approach works particularly well in companies with flat hierarchies, changing roles and self-organized, cross-functional teams. This environment attracts people who are intrinsically highly motivated and enjoy working in an agile way.

Leading in an agile environment

In this environment, the manager can focus on facilitating the optimal interaction of the different people with their various skills in a serving manner. In this environment, dominant, highly intervening management has been proven to lead to lower performance and higher staff turnover.

The executive as coach, mentor and enabler

In transformational leadership, the manager influences the team in line with the basic agile principles. The manager's task is to convey the purpose of a task, create a target-oriented framework and show what contribution each and every member of the team makes. Hierarchy plays a subordinate role here. It is important that everyone in the team is in the place where they can have maximum impact on the big picture. In this partnership-based interaction, the manager promotes a feedback culture of shared learning, encourages people to try out new things and supports joint growth as a team.

How do you train transformational leadership?

Blended learning

In four live online foundation courses, you will learn about the concept of transformational leadership. You will gain a theoretical understanding of the various dimensions of transformational leadership, such as conveying meaning, rapid implementation and learning as well as creating optimal framework conditions.

The subsequent action days focus on practical experience. On day one, you will learn how to lead transactionally in a hierarchical environment. On the second day, hierarchies and structures are increasingly dissolved and you learn how to lead in a transformational way in a real and dynamic environment.

The skills you develop at Lead Agile

At Lead Agile, you will learn and train the following transformational leadership skills, among others:
  • Build-Mesure-Learn: Applying the basic principles of agility in everyday life
  • The art of dealing with too many opportunities in the right way
  • Consistently encourage people in their successful behavior
  • Clarifying unclear roles and tasks in teams.
  • This creates a good team spirit: recognizing the contribution of each individual to the overall result
  • The right structure provides clarity and orientation
  • Feedback and quality control as crucial tools for joint growth
  • Celebrating success - focus on what has been achieved, not just what needs to be achieved

Learn transformational leadership!

At Lead Agile, you will learn how to lead in a transformational way: How do you convey the meaning of a task, how do you create conducive conditions and how do you develop your team to peak performance. You are a coach, mentor and enabler and, as a transformational leader, you promote a feedback culture of mutual growth and learning.
The combined approach

The combined approach

In this way, transactional leadership is combined with transformational leadership.
Transactional leadership

Transactional leadership

Successful in a clear, efficiency-optimized environment.

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Questions? Go ahead, let's talk together!
Questions? Go ahead, let's talk together!
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