The target groups of  Lead Agile
The overall program

The target groups of Lead Agile

The open leadership training "Lead Agile" is aimed at managers, junior managers and start-up managers who are looking for highly efficient all-in-one training: The decisive transformational and transactional leadership skills are sustainably trained and developed.

In this blended learning programme, you will learn how to lead successfully in self-organized, agile "worlds", in a classic, hierarchical corporate environment and in all mixed forms.

Target group

The course "Hybridership - Leading Virtual and Hybrid Teams" covers the most important topics that executives, project leaders and product owners need to master their challenging daily online life.


You will receive field-tested knowledge from 5 top coaches who will share their experiences on the topics of remote leadership, hybrid or virtual teams, digital collaboration tools and stress-free working in the home office.

New Learning

The content of the course corresponds to a 2-day seminar, divided into 5 online sessions plus 5 self-learning units. The times from 16:45-18:15 are set in such a way that you can easily integrate the course into your working week.
1 Leadership-Check

1 Leadership-Check

3 Action Days

3 Action Days

4 E-Learning

4 E-Learning

5 Individual coaching

5 Individual coaching

1 Where do I stand?


Your leadership training starts with a personal leadership check. You analyze your leadership behavior and then receive a profile with your strengths and personal challenges in the areas of transactional and transformational leadership. At the same time, you will get feedback from two people who know you well. Based on the check and the feedback, you then define your personal growth goals.
2Theoretical basics

Four online
live basic courses

What you will learn in the four courses

After the live online courses, you will have internalized the basics of transactional and transformational leadership and learn how to integrate both approaches into your personal leadership style. In addition, you will receive fundamental know-how on the key meta-skills for a healthy and fulfilling (professional) life: How do I organize my work? How do I deal with pressure and stress? How do I develop resilience?

Course 1- Transformal Guidance (1 day)

Online Live Course «Transformational Leadership»: The VUCA Times of Change. The "Why Concept" according to Simon Sinek. The "Growth Mindset of Learning" according to Carol Dwek. Agile principles. The Dimensions of Transformational Leadership

Course 2 - Transactional Leadership (1 day)

Online Live Course «Transactional Leadership»: Clarity and Stability. Exploitation and excellence. The basic principles of the classic understanding of leadership. The central dimensions of transactional leadership.

Course 3 - Work Management (1/2 day)

Online live course «Focus & Work Management»: Gain focus through clear work structures and processes. Delegate correctly according to the Eisenhower principle. Use your high performance times effectively. The Office Survival Toolbox.

Course 4 - Stress management & resilience (1/2 day)

Online live course «Stress management & resilience»: The three levels of effective stress management: structural, mental and regenerative stress management. Resilient even under pressure: The 7 pillars of resilience.
3 Action Days

Two days All4Sports Inc.

During the Action Days, you practise what you have previously learned in theory. You don't practise in the classroom, but in the specially designed, fictitious company "All4Sports AG". You have to solve real tasks and deal with real situations in real teams: Just like in "real life" but in fast motion.

What will you experience in the two days?

You will start with your team in a classic hierarchical management system, which will transform into an agile, self-organized system over the two days. You will experience a wide variety of phases: Development, consolidation, change and realignment of All4Sports AG.

Feedback on your leadership behavior

You will consciously experience this permanent change at All4Sports AG, can reflect on what is "happening" to you and your role and thus have the unique learning opportunity to practice the new challenges in a playful way. In addition, you will receive feedback from the other participants and trainers on your leadership behavior and performance in the sense of constructive feedforward.

Not a dry run, but real life!

Most leadership training courses are dry runs and therefore have little effect. Lead Agile is completely different, as you have to master real tasks with real teams. There is no hiding. You expose yourself with your leadership style. And that's exactly why you learn so much with Lead Agile!
4 Self-Learning

5 weeks E-Learning

Ensure learning transfer with e-learning

After the 2-day "Action Training", you will continue working in your Learning Cloud for 5 weeks. Learning takes place anywhere: Whether in the evening on your PC, on the go on your smartphone or over lunchtime: you will deal intensively with the dimensions of classic and agile leadership and your personal learning and learning objectives.
5 Individual development

Personal coaching

At the end of the entire learning process in the Certified New Leadership training program, you will receive another personal coaching session. Your development will be brought to the point and further goal-oriented steps will be initiated. There will also be time and space to reflect together on your current leadership issues.

What you learn in leadership training

  • Personal assessment as a starting point
  • The Growht mindset of learning
  • A crucial insight: Those who have a "why" can endure almost any "how"
  • Breaking new ground - learning from a neurobiological perspective
  • Effective learning happens "out of the comfort zone"
  • Feedback as a personal growth turbo and central meta-competence
  • The P.E.A.K. formula (Purpose, Emotion, Action, Know-how) for highly effective learning and growth
  • Leadership is social influence: Show yourself as a personality!
  • The New Leadership approach: integrating classic and agile leadership into your own style
Transactional leadership
  • Being able to assert yourself against resistance
  • Achieving challenging goals with scarce resources
  • Conducting difficult appraisal interviews
  • Delegating tasks consistently and correctly
  • Being able to manage conflicts successfully
  • Communicate appropriately and provide information at the right level
  • Dealing with the sandwich position between supervisor and employee
  • Presenting yourself confidently to the team
  • Being able to sell the team's work "to the top"
Transformational leadership
  • The manager as coach and enabler
  • Build-Mesure-Learn: Applying the basic principles of agility in everyday life
  • Focus pocus: The art of dealing with too many possibilities in the right way
  • Consistently encourage people in their successful behavior
  • Clarifying unclear roles and tasks in teams.
  • This creates a good team spirit: recognizing the contribution of each individual to the overall result
  • The right structure provides clarity and orientation
  • Feedback and quality control as crucial tools for joint growth
  • Celebrating success - focus on what has been achieved, not just what needs to be achieved

Next dates

Summer 2024 Constance
5 Events + E-Learning

Summer 2024 Constance

  • Online Course 1 (Online Live)
    Jun 7, 2024, 9:00
  • Online Course 2 (Online Live)
    Jun 10, 2024, 9:00
  • Online Course 3 (Online Live)
    Jun 14, 2024, 9:00
  • Actionday 1 (on-site)
    Jun 19, 2024, 9:00
  • Actionday 2 (on-site)
    Jun 20, 2024, 9:00
Fall 2024 Zurich
5 Events + E-Learning

Fall 2024 Zurich

  • Online Course 1 (Online Live)
    Sep 19, 2024, 9:00
  • Online Course 2 (Online Live)
    Sep 27, 2024, 9:00
  • Online Course 3 (Online Live)
    Oct 16, 2024, 9:00
  • Actionday 1 (on-site)
    Oct 28, 2024, 9:00
  • Actionday 2 (on-site)
    Oct 29, 2024, 9:00

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