Transactional leadership

What is transactional leadership?

In transactional leadership, the manager sets goals together with the employees, delegates tasks, makes decisions, gives clear instructions and monitors the implementation of tasks and goals. As a responsible supervisor, they shape the work process and attach importance to performance, measurability and the achievement of set goals.

Where and when transactional leadership is important.

Transactional leadership is not only successful in hierarchically organized companies with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. It also works excellently in a stable environment with standardized processes in which efficient planning is possible. Even in crisis situations and emergency scenarios, clear guidelines and a high degree of discipline in the approach are required to overcome the challenges.

How do you develop the skills of transactional leadership?

Basic courses for the theory

In the two live online seminars, you will learn about the concept of classic transactional leadership. You will develop a theoretical understanding of the individual dimensions of transactional leadership, such as setting goals, delegating, informing and making decisions at the appropriate level.

Practical learning at All4Sports AG

The Action Days at a fictitious company are all about practical experimentation and experience. On the first day, you will learn how to manage a team or department in a hierarchical environment. On the second day, the hierarchies and structures are increasingly dissolved and you learn to lead in a transformational way. You will receive feedback on your performance and your leadership behavior.

What transactional skills do you develop?

At Lead Agile, you will train and develop the following key transactional leadership skills, among others:
  • Being able to assert yourself against resistance
  • Achieving challenging goals with scarce resources
  • Conducting difficult employee appraisals
  • Delegating tasks consistently and correctly
  • Being able to manage conflicts successfully
  • Communicate appropriately and provide information at the right level
  • Dealing with the sandwich position between supervisor and employee
  • Presenting yourself confidently to the team
  • Being able to sell the team's work "to the top"

Lead Agile - Learn to lead transactionally!

At Lead Agile, you will learn how to lead not only in a transformational but also in a transactional way: How do you agree on goals, how do you delegate tasks, how do you make clear decisions and how do you keep different employees informed at the right level?
The combined approach

The combined approach

In this way, transactional leadership is combined with transformational leadership.
Transformational leadership

Transformational leadership

Successful in an ambiguous environment of uncertainty and change.

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Questions? Go ahead, let's talk together!
Questions? Go ahead, let's talk together!
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